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Short Recap: Welcoming New Members, Engaging the Community, Embracing Diversity, and Reaching New Heights

Hey there, our incredible sponsors and fans!

October has been a whirlwind of excitement and growth for our robotics team. Buckle up for a journey through what's been keeping us buzzing!

Welcoming Our Newcomers:

 We kicked off September with open arms, hosting orientation and training sessions for our amazing rookie members. From spirited introductions to diving into team dynamics and setting up our schedules, it was all about making our newcomers feel at home. We ensured everyone got hands-on training, introducing them to our workshop machinery while emphasizing safety protocols here at Martinrea International.

Community Outreach at Detroit Science Center:

Mid-October had us donning our educator hats as we shared our passion for STEM at the Detroit Science Center. Teaming up with United Way Tech, we showcased our 3D CAD Design Tools, displayed our pneumatics work, and unveiled the magic behind robot BB2 to over 500 enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders. And guess what? Each young mind left with a Benzene Bots 3D printed Key Chain, a token of our shared excitement for robotics and tech!

Celebrating Gender Diversity with Girls Gold:

A new addition to our team, Girls Gold, has been a beacon of gender diversity. These incredible young women have been gearing up for an upcoming competition debut on 11/14. For four weeks, they've been side-by-side with the rest of the team, diving deep into each component of the robot. Our mentors and industry experts have also been working hard, sharing their expertise, with a special focus on driver training. Zoom meetings for CAD training and in-person sessions at the shop have been the norm, making sure the Girls Gold team is equipped with every skill they need to crush it on the 14th.

Revving Up for Competition:

Every week, the Girls Gold Team has been honing our driving skills at Bloomfield Hills High School, preparing to bring our best to the upcoming competition. The dedication and hard work put in by all our team members, both on and off the field, are truly remarkable.

Overcoming Challenges, Reaching New Heights:

Although September and October have been thriving months for us, it doesn't come without its own set of challenges. Our robot's intake arm initially fell short of the mark for placing cones/squares on the high platform. But fear not, we embarked on a journey through CAD and vectors. Simulating different angles for the arm, we finally found the right angle that let us reach new heights! It was a “bot” of a challenge, but our perseverance paid off! The sweet taste of victory after finally solving a problem is something that keeps us motivated here at Benzene.

That's a wrap for September and October! Thank you for being the spark that keeps our circuits charged and our spirits high!

Keep an eye out for more updates coming your way soon!

Warmest regards,

Benzene Bots

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