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As a part of the outreach team, we spread information about FRC and our team around the community.  We do this in many ways, including volunteering, hosting events and webinars, and mentoring middle school teams.

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As a team, we volunteered at many different events that are a part of various organizations. The photo pictured on the left shows members of our team participating in a food drive hosted at Kroger by Gleaners. In around two hours, our members managed to fill up about four large boxes full of food. One more organization we volunteered for (not pictured) was the Judson Center, where we organized a room full of clothes, games, books, etc., for people in need. We have participated in and provided for many more organizations throughout the season as well!



Our team holds Events and Webinars which provide wonderful opportunities for students of all ages to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. These events and webinars provide a platform for students to interact with professionals in the robotics field, learn about the latest developments in robotics technology, and gain hands-on experience through various activities and workshops. By attending these events, young students can learn about the various career paths available in robotics, and understand how they can apply their STEM knowledge to the real world. Such events and webinars are essential in promoting robotics education and inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists.


Middle School Mentoring

Robotics mentoring is an excellent way to inspire and educate young students about the world of robotics. At our mentoring program, we are proud to work with the Larson Platinum Panthers FTC Team, providing them with the guidance and support they need to succeed in their robotics journey. Our experienced members help the team with mechanical and programming aspects of their robot, providing them with the knowledge they need to design, build, and program their robot effectively. Additionally, we educate them on how to be better at FTC, including strategy development, team management, and communication skills. By guiding them in these areas, we prepare the team for the challenges of FRC and beyond, helping them to achieve their full potential and inspiring them to become the next generation of robotics leaders.

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