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What is Technical?

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In the Design group, our main job or task is to understand the game rules given to us in January that came along with the release of the new game. We then use those rules to design a robot that fits into the criteria. When designing the robot, this group uses a CAD Software in order to accurately design the robot. The primary CAD software used by the team is SolidWorks.

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In the mechanical group, we focus on many things. However, our main focus is to take what the Design group comes up with in the CAD software and be able to make that drawing into a reality. The mechanical team works closely with the Design team to ensure a solid robot design for the year. As a member of the mechanical team, you will learn how to use a myriad of tools, which include:

  • Drill Press

  • Band Saw

  • CNC Mill

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In the Electrical group, our main job is to develop the electrical systems on board the robot. We also make sure that power is distributed to the subsystems in order for the robot to function properly. The electrical group uses a variety of motors and motor controllers. To be a part of this group it is necessary to understand the function of each part and how they work together.


In the programming group, the main task that is completed is creating the code in order to make the robot move. The programming group creates the software for the robot and will also make software patches when needed. The coding language used for programming in our team is Java. It is ok to join the programming group with no prior knowledge of programming since we will teach it to you.

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