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Team Safety

"The most crucial aspect of any robotics team"

Here on Team 4384, safety isn’t just something that we try to follow, but it is something that every member and our mentor embraces. Above winning, we value the safety of our students and spreading awareness of safety in robotics. We would like to make sure that we can have an enjoyable but safe experience in our workshop and at competitions. Our goal is to also provide accurate safety information, since this information will not only last us our time competing in FIRST events, but also live beyond high school in our STEM careers.


In the Workshop

  • Minimum PPE is safety glasses; specific attire required to operate machinery.

  • Team 4384 ensures safety of all members in the workshop.

  • Safety captain ensures adherence to safety rules and removal of hazards.

  • No headphones/speakers or food/drink allowed in the workshop.

  • Safety goggles must be worn when working with tools and hazards.

  • Equipment for proposed task only; not left on unattended.

  • Key must be removed if machine isn't in use.

  • One person operates a machine, unless assistance needed.

  • Proper attire: closed-toe, non-slip shoes; no loose clothing/items; hair pulled back if hazardous.

Member Safety

  • Take all required safety training classes

  • Maintain a safe work environment

  • Giving feedback to the safety captain is issues in safety arise

  • Correcting others when unsafe practices are carried out

  • Following all instruction given by safety captain and mentors


At Competitions

At competition, Team 4384 ensures that when our pit crew is in the pits they are keeping the environment safe and keeping themselves as well as other team pit crew members out of danger.

  • The pit crew is expected to put any tools brought out back into their proper place after use.

  • Only the drive team should be in the pits unless absolutely necessary, to avoid overcrowding.

  • Everyone in or going to the pits must be wearing safety glasses or else they will not be allowed near the pits.

  • Our pits are made to be very organized as there is a lot of planning as to where each item will be placed in the pits so that there is no clutter.

  • Working on the robot at competition:

    • Wear safety glasses

    • Don’t put your hand into the robot while it is active

    • Wear closed-toe shoes or boots

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